DofTNet Nuclear

DofTNet Nuclear?!

Yup. DofTNet Nuclear. Radiation, radioactivity, and collecting things that emit it... it's only bad if you have too much of it.


It's said that people from Los Alamos glow in the dark. DofT grew up in Los Alamos, New Mexico, home of the Manhatan Project where the first nuclear weapons were constructed. Although he was obviously not privy to the details of the goings-on at LANL, he was still immersed in the history of the town and nuclear science. And the interest stuck.

DofT started collecting vaseline glass starting around 2012. It was supposed to be the end of the world so, y'kno, why not. In reality, because of his intrests, he knew that uranium glass is mostly harmless and it glows under a black light.

Several years later and the world has collectively gone all catawampus.. and "in these uncertain times," to borrow a phrase, DofT bought an inexpensive consumer grade geiger counter on a whim mostly to see how active his uranium glass actually it. In the process, he discovered that one rock in the rock wall around the fireplace in his house is radioactive... and not just a little bit like natural granite countertops or "haha, bananas are radioactive!" levels of activity. We're talking an x-ray every half hour if it was in your pocket. He's been living in that house since 2015.. and he's convinced himself that it hasn't affected him at all. We're not going to be the one to tell him otherwise.

He took the counter to one of the local antique malls and ended up finding a salt and pepper shaker set. One yellow, one orange. The orange one caused the muted counter to blink furiously. Of course, a bunch of ceramics were made in the early 20th century with an orange glaze that is now commonly known as Radioactive Red.

One counter turned to two, and then into three... and now DofT finds himself making plans to visit antique shops or venture out into the widlerness to add to his collection. And now we've got DofTNet Nuclear.

Cool story, bro.

That doesn't really answer the question...

Oh! Right!

DofT hopes to provide good information on radiation, radioactivity, why 5G isn't going to kill you, and why you're not really "nuking" your food in the microwave oven. We want to provide information on what sorts of things you may encounter that are radioactive out in the world, where to find them, how to handle things safely, what's not safe, where not to go and why, and why you should always follow the directions on a metal can that says "DROP AND RUN".

Also DofT just wants to show off his collection as it grows.

There's not much here yet, but check back soon.